• since 2008
    Consistently delivering quality product to our customers.
  • commitment to quality
    We take pride in superior product, delivered on time.
  • keeping you informed
    Communication is a priority of every project - from beginning to end.
  • satisfied customers
    We strive to make every project the best possible customer experience.
  • Manufacturing excellence
    A long-standing commitment to exceptional quality & craftsmanship.

MetalCraft serves clients across a broad range of industries including manufacturing and petroleum through its two Louisiana locations while continuing its strong history of delivering high-quality metal manufacturing and repair services backed by close attention to the needs of customers.

ManufacturingMetalCraft can manufacture any part or tool. Bring us your specifications and we’ll be happy to discuss your project.

Custom MachiningWe pride ourselves in being innovative and imaginative in both the type of products we can produce and in the industries we serve.